Best Pre Workouts For the Gym 2019

With 2018 meeting its half-way mark, its around that time we check in with our New Year Goals. How have your gains/shreds stacked up? Struggling to burn off the extra fat? Checkout our Maximize Your Weight Loss blog for a comparison on our top selling fat burners. For an extra push to get the gym, keep reading while we compare the best pre workouts for the gym!

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Unlike with fat burners, we can’t rank each pre workout based on one category. Because each pre workout is catered for specific goals, the best pre workout for your workout might not be best for others. Each pre workout we discuss will go over it’s intensity, flavors, and what training style it works best with, based on our staff’s experience.

Smokin Guns By Caliber Nutrition

Smokin Guns, By Caliber Nutrition, isn’t a stimulant heavy pre workout. So, Smokin Guns is perfect for afternoon to late night gym-goers. It provides a feel good energy, similar to drinking a cup of coffee, while promoting strong pumps, and laser like focus. The thing is while most pre workouts are known for their insane energy blends, caffeine and other stimulants are vaso-constrictors. Meaning they promote the narrowing of blood vessels and ultimately restrict your pump. The creators at Caliber Nutrition know this, so they created a pre workout that promotes better, harder, pumps without negating it with stims. Currently Smokin guns only comes in the flavor “Bullet Punch”. The flavor can be compared to a fruit punch kool-aid flavor. Its sweet but not overly sweet. What really makes Smokin Guns stand out is that each scoop contains 18 grams of active, synergistic ingredients. We translate this to no fluff ingredients. Scoop for scoop you’re getting what you paid for and nothing less.

C4 By Cellucor

C4, By Cellucor, is one of the most well known pre workouts from bodybuilder to average gym-goer alike. If you’re looking for a product that’ll push you to get to the gym without feeling stimmed out, this is the best pre workout for you. The energy blend in C4 isn’t over the top. But its a solid formula for someone whose sensitive to stimulants or a beginner. Where C4 misses it’s mark is in the pump-factor. The formula contains pump promoting ingredients so it’s definitely going to aid in blood flow and may improve pumps for some individuals. However, what C4 is most well-known for is it’s wide variety of flavor options. Even if you’re not crazy for the formula, you got to admit C4 tastes great.

The Curse Pre Workout by Cobra Labs

The Curse, by Cobra Labs, is a hidden gem among pre workouts. It’s not the most well known, but has a solid formula for individuals looking for energy and focus.  The Curse is a step up energy-wise from C4, so stimulant sensitive athletes beware.  The Curse is one of those pre workouts that could keep you up at night if taken too late in the day. Like C4, the pump isn’t going to be that massive. However the curse does have a lot of Beta- Alanine, so there will be a lot of the tingling/pinching sensations. Flavor-wise, the curse is limited to your classic fruity flavors; Blue raspberry,Lemon Rush, Green apple, etc.

Mr Hyde Nitro X By Pro Supps

Mr Hyde Nitro X, By Pro Supps, is a pre workout that enters the higher stimulant category. Although we rank the curse as being higher in the energy category, Mr Hyde Nitro X is more of your well-rounded pre workout. Its hits each category without sacrificing aspects from another category. If you were a fan of the old Mr. Hyde and want to know the differences between the versions, click here. For the differenes between Mr Hyde Nitro X and Hyde Nitro X, click here. Mr Hyde Nitro X is the best pre workout for gym hits earlier in the day to afternoon. Because the stimulants are stronger in this pre workout we wouldn’t recommend it for cardio solo days. Mr Hyde Nitro X comes in a lot of flavors from your classic blue raspberry to more out-there flavors like pixie dust.

GAT Nitraflex

Nitraflex, by GAT, is a classic pre workout. It’s been around for a long time and has brought the same kick it’s always had. Although it states Nitraflex is a testosterone enhancing powder, it really isn’t going to increase your testosterone like an actual testosterone booster would. However the added Hyperemia & Testosterone Enhancing PWD, will help maximize your pump.  So if you are a female and wanted to try Nitraflex, we would say it’s safe to do so.  Each serving (1 scoop) contains 350 mg of caffeine. So we recommend to stay on the safe side and not combine it with other caffeine or stimulant-containing products. Nitraflex is great for all types of gym workouts but we would say resistance training or weight lifting training days will benefit the most. Nitraflex comes in several flavors and some flavors with creatine. The only flavors with creatine are Lemon Lime and Cotton Candy. Every other tub of Nitraflex is creatine free.

Dust X Pre Workout By Blackstone Labs

Dust X By Blackstone Labs, formerly known as Dust Extreme, is a high intensity/high stimulant pre workout we wouldn’t recommend for stimulant sensitive people. Even for long time users of pre workouts, we recommend you assess your tolerance. Dust X/Extreme is of the newer pre workouts released in last couple of years. This is the best pre workout for getting in the zone on your heavy training days. Dust X is going to promote explosive, long lasting, energy and pumps. Currently Dust X comes in three flavors; Sour Gummy Bear, Pineapple Mango (staff favorite), and passion fruit.

Mesomorph by APS Nutrition

Mesomorph, by APS Nutrition, is the king of pre workouts. Since around 2013 when mesomorph was first introduced to the fitness world, it’s held it’s position at the top. This is the best pre workout for stim-crazy gym goers. Mesomorph packs a punch in every category from energy to pumps. This is not a beginner pre workout. Because the formula is so potent we recommend all consumers to assess their tolerance. If you were looking for a pre workout to not only get you to the gym but land prs, mesomorph is for you. Mesomorph comes in a bunch of classic flavors, like green apple, and even some more fun ones, like tutti frutti.

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