Dymatize Super Mass Gainer


Dymatize super mass gainer is a quality mass gainer supplement with an adequate high-calorie profile for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and tough gainers in the boosting phase. It is critical to provide an excellent and target-oriented nutritional intake, particularly during periods of intense workouts.


Whey and Casein proteins are combined in Dymatize Super Mass Gainer to provide instant and sustained muscle nourishment. Super Mass Gainer is yet another formulation that uses only the highest-quality components and minerals to help you fast grow strength and power. It has enough calories to waste and avoid body fat being used as fuels, protein to develop and maintain muscle, BCAAs as fundamental components, assist trigger muscle growth, creatine for strength and stamina, and glutamine to aid recovery.


  • Each serving contains 52 grammes of high-quality protein, including 11 to 12 grammes of BCAAs.
  • Depending on the flavour, up to 243 g carbs per serving
  • Each dose contains 3 g of pure creatine
  • Sugar content is low
  • Contains five vitamins
  • Gluten-free product
  • Vegetarians will enjoy it

Super Mass Gainer is your one-stop shop for mass gain and strength development! A food intake that is focused on muscle growth, training performance, and fatigue reduction is beneficial. Our powerhouse formula is a unique matrix created to give a potent combination of creatine, carbs, and proteins to meet your individual bulking needs.

Use Instructions

After exercising, use one portion each day. Add 321 g powder (about three scoops – provided) to 700 ml water and gently mix. Gourmet Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, and Banana Smoothies: Mix thoroughly 327 g powder (about three scoops – included) with 700 ml water.


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


6lbs, 12lbs


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