Ronnie Coleman King Mass XL


King Mass gainer contains a whopping 60 grams of protein each serving, ensuring that your muscles are well-fed and anabolic. King Mass XL is a nutrient-dense 1,000-calorie shake that won’t stick to your belly like concrete like other similar items. King Mass XL is formulated to help ‘weight gainers’ acquire the nutrients and vitamins they need to gain the weight they’ve been aiming for their entire lives.


In order for your muscles to GROW, you must provide them with adequate protein to perform the job which can be done with king mass XL. If you want your muscles to expand, you need to feed them adequate protein. Weight gainer price in Pakistan has crossed fingers and provides a very effective recovery in mass gain.  The proteins and carbohydrates in weight gainer products enhance blood sugar; store more Glycogen and recover quicker, getting you ready with your next challenging workout.

  • 60g Protein
  • 180g Carb Matrix
  • 1000+ Calories
  • Creatine & Glutamine
  • 108 Loaded Scoops
  • Milkshake Taste

It’s all about taking more calories, but the type of calories you consume is equally critical. It delivers 1000 growth-promoting calories per serving.

It’s not good enough to obtain all of your good calories in one shake and be unable to consume it. The King Mass gainer flavor system consistently delivers a milkshake flavor with seamless mix ability, making it a pleasure rather than labor to drink your shake. The protein, carbohydrates, glutamine, and creatine in king mass improve your insulin response.

Use instructions

Combine 2-4 scoops of supplement with 590-1180 mL of water or milk in a mixer. Mix for 20-30 seconds with the lid on. Include ice cubes if needed. In Mixer, Combine one scoop of supplement with 240-300 grams distilled water or dairy in a shaker. It needs 30 seconds of intense shaking.



Vanilla, Strawberry Milkshake, Dark Chocolate


6lbs, 15lbs


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