Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate in Pakistan


Lipo 6 black fat burner is a powerful fat-burning supplement. It’s so powerful that you can only consume one dose per serving. It is a super-concentrated fat-burning supplement that is meant to support your body’s fat-burning efforts fully. This ultra-concentrated fat-burning supplement is designed to not only help your body lose weight quickly but also to give you an exceptionally high level of energy and awareness that will sustain you going for hours.


LIPO-6 BLACK UC stimulates calorie burning by revving up your energy. It aids in appetite regulation, preventing feelings of hunger and overeating. It also boosts energy and awareness, allowing you to maintain a high activity level when on a diet. The supplement contains Advantra Z, as well as Yohimbine, Rauwolscine, Theobromine, and Caffeine, which have all been clinically tested. This combination of substances aids in the production of a powerful thermal impact.

  • It helps balance the intake of food
  • Reduce appetite by promoting good intensity and concentration.
  • Triggers metabolic and eliminates additional calories.

Thermogenesis causes your body to produce heat, which causes it to burn fat and thus is a fate burner supplement. You may feel hotter and sweat more. You may fire your internal metabolism and regularly assist fat-burning by taking one dose twice per day.

Capsicum annuum extract, for example, aids metabolism by triggering a series of actions in the body that assist the body burn fat and break it down. All components in this potent combination are encapsulated in fast-absorbing liquid capsules to assure the best results.

Use instructions

Three capsules in the morning and three capsules in the afternoon are recommended. Take no more than three tablets per serving due to the product’s strength. In 24 hours, never consume more than six capsules. It is not recommended that you take it with food. At least half an hour before mealtime, drink. No, do not take inside 6 hours of going to bed. Use the product for 60 days, then take a 15-day break.


60 caps, 120 caps


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