Gat Sport Omega 3 Fish Oil


GAT Sport Omega-3 delivers 800mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is well-known Omega-3s are great for heart health for everyone. But for competitive athletes, the benefits of Omega-3s go so much further

GAT Sport Omega 3 fish oil provides 800mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. The best part is you will only find GAT Sport Omega 3 that comes in Lemon flavor. Omega 3 plays an important role in the health of individuals and especially athletes. It helps in lowering blood pressure, good for heart health. The study found that it can also fight depression and anxieties. The price of omega fish oil in Pakistan is around 3800

You want mental sharpness to stay focused on that game-winning goal. Omega 3s help your brain to reverse the damage caused by everyday stress.* They also keep emotional balance, which is much needed for an athlete’s day-to-day life. Gats Sport Omega Fish Oil arn’t just athletes’ secret weapon, it can be yours too!

At Gat, we know how important Omega 3 is to one’s health needs. This is why Gat Sport Omega Fish Oil provides essential nutrients in a convenient pill form. The omega-3 content of this product will help lower blood pressure, fight depression and anxiety while supplying the necessary daily amounts you need for overall good health. If you are an athlete or just someone who likes having their fitness on point, then it would be best to include our Sport Omega Fish Oil into your daily routine!

Standard benefits

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in cold-water fish like Salmon, Mackerel, Whitefish, Sardines and Tuna. Omega-3 Omega Fish Oil Supplements are rich in Omega-3 Omega Fatty Acids that help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Omega-3 Omega Fatty Acids are known to support our overall health and wellness. Omega 3 Omega Fatty Acids help build a healthy heart by reducing triglyceride levels, controlling blood sugar levels and normalising blood pressure.

Emotional benefits Gat Sport Omega Fish Oil

Fight depression and anxiety with this natural supplement.

Anxiolytic natural supplement to combat depression and anxiety
The input is about this product that can help you overcome your stress. The output explains this in greater detail, mentioning its ingredients as well as how they work together to reduce cravings for drugs like alcohol or tobacco products among others

The 800mg of GAT SPORT OMEGA 3 consists of:

  • EPA 400mg.
  • DHA 300mg.
  • Other Omega 3 Fatty Acids 100mg.

The recommended dose of GAT Sports Fish oil s As a dietary supplement take 1  (Soft Gel) with meals. As a professional athlete, you can consume in 24 hours.


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