Ultimate Nutrition Syntha Gold


About the product
  • 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN to fuel your muscle growth and boost performance. Also includes 20 grams of powerful amino acids to reduce recovery times between workouts
  • THE NEW GOLD SERIES by Ultimate Nutrition is a complete set of sports nutrition products that work together to boost your performance and reach your goals faster and more efficiently
  • MIXES INSTANTLY and leaves no clumps behind. Great for those who need gold quality protein that’s ready when you are.

Ultimate Nutrition Syntho Gold is a multi-stage blend of high-quality whey protein, micellar casein, milk protein, and egg protein. When you add medium- and slow-digesting proteins to fast- digesting whey, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated much longer than with just whey alone. Since muscle protein synthesis leads to muscle growth, extending muscle protein synthesis over a longer period of time can have a huge impact on your overall muscle gains and recovery. Each scoop of Ultimate Nutrition Syntho Gold delivers 20 solid grams of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins. No matter what your goals are, from weekend warrior to hardcore bodybuilder, the proteins in Ultimate Nutrition Syntho Gold will support you around-the-clock.


Vanilla, Chocolate




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